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To creating small isolated examples that will highlight interesting features of code or topics.

The reason that it's called pithy is that I want to keep things minimal and straight to the point. All too often examples come with a mountain of connected complicated messes that confuse and convolute the key of aspects of the example. Let's see how successful the attempts will be.

web code

first examples will be css

MisterMind: a tool for fact-based reasoning contains examples of ES6 coding

Web Development random junk… data ideas…

 Comments: write why/big-picture comments and leave code readability to good names and style. 

spread sheets

I'm going to put these in sheets so that I will have access even if I don't have Microsoft Office with me.

I've been playing around with Apps Script which allows for some very cool automated actions.

primary education

  • I'm looking into a framework for activities called GOAL
  • I'm making a few resources for math ed

thoughts on this wiki

Perhaps a different template would be better than the default.

basic wiki text

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